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Role of Co-Curricular Activities Creating Qualities of Leadership among Secondary Schools Students in Ex Fata

Muhammad Ashfaq, Adeel Ahmed Khan and Nisar Ahmed Khaskheli


The study was designed to evaluate the role of co-curricular activities (CCA) creating qualities of leadership among secondary schools students in F.R Kohat (Sub Division Dara) ex Federally Administrative Tribal Areas (FATA). The function of this study was to discover the leadership ability in students consider they learned through sports and co-curricular activities and to validate how those skill are used in the institute to resolve whether those skills enhance the leadership experience of students. The results of this study provide information which can assist learner dealings partakers who are looking for conduct to help learner make the correlation linking the cocurricular and curricular leadership experience. A sample size of 200 subjects was chosen from 10 high schools in the Frontier Region Kohat on the root of opportunity sampling method. A questionnaire of five points Likert Scale after in quest of due authorization from Principals and Head Masters was used to reach to the in detail of the observable fact. Numerical techniques Mean, Percentage and Standard Deviation were run to examine the composed data. The investigator analyzes the connection between co-curricular involvement and its positive role creating qualities of leadership among secondary school students. Research also reveals that CCA create self confidence among students and makes students more popular. Culmination from this study endow with confirmation of the worth of co-curricular leadership training and its contact on curricular experience. Finally it was concluded that many students who were engaged in sports and co-curricular activities also reported being engaged in leadership positions within their team, club, or organization serving in lead roles such as, captain of a sport team. It was also came in knowledge that those students who participated in these activities are bold and they are ready to face any type of challenge in future. It is further added that current prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was a sportsman and also leaded Pakistan’s cricket team and won world cricket cup in 1992.

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