The Sky - International Journal of Physical Education and Sports Science

Psychological Effects of Caffeine on Players Performance

Sajjad Ali Gill, Komal Shahbaz, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Nazeer


The present study conducted to check the effects of caffeine on players’ performance through survey research. A caffeine-based 20 Statements (questionnaire) filed to the players, who were regular consumers of caffeine. 20 statements mentioned related to the positive effects of caffeine. Most of the players, who addicted to take caffeine on regularly basis approved all statements which showed that caffeine could affect the athlete's performance. The majority athletes agreed that caffeine enhanced their concentration, alertness and attention level. The primary effect of caffeine on vigilance granted by most of the players. Caffeine can enhance the working capacity of players by increasing their vigilances. Results show that caffeine helped them to train longer and harder which showed its benefits between male and female athletes, especially in off-season training periodization.

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