The Sky - International Journal of Physical Education and Sports Science

The Relationship of Sports and Physical Activity to the Academic Achievement: A Case of Hearing-Impaired Children

Aqsa Shamim Ahmed, Hafiza Sadeea, Saadia Mahmood ul Hassan


Sports and physical activity is not only important for normal children but it is equally essential for the children with physical disabilities. Effective sports participation of children with hearing deficits has physical, mental, intellectual as well as societal benefits. The aim of this study was to examine the impact of sports participation on academic achievement of hearing impaired children. For this purpose, a total of 140 children were selected, divided into 2 groups on the basis of comparative experimental design. Half of the sample (n=70) was assigned to control group including those students who did not participate in sports whereas, other half (n=70) was assigned to experimental group including those children who participated in sports activity including Badminton, Football and Volleyball. After pretest and post test data was collected with the help of Sports Participation Scale and Academic Performance rating scale. The overall reliability of the scale was found to be a = 0.85. Results indicated that there was a significant positive impact of sports participation on the academic achievement from 2.96 + 0.455 to 3.60 + 0.455 (ᴘ ˂ 0.0005) with betterment level of 0.64 + 0.64. According to these results we can conclude that sports participation creates a positive impact on academic achievement of Hearing-impaired students.

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