The Sky - International Journal of Physical Education and Sports Science

The Correlation of Classroom Administration Performance of Female Directress Sports with Their Qualification

Toshaba Channa, Dr. Shahzaman Khan


The female directress sports in colleges have to performed double tasks. They educate their subject to graduate level students in the classroom and conduct activities of games in the field. The female directress sports might have to acquire all those traits and experiences as compared to other subject tutors. The present study was an attempt to examine the performance of the female directress sports in classroom (discipline) of college area. A five point likert scale questionnaire (1=Strongly disagree, 2= Partially disagree, 3=Neither agree/nor disagree, 4=Partially agree and 5=Strongly agree) were utilized for collection of data and to acquire the suitable answers about the classroom administration performance of the female directress sports. The questions were disseminated between the (N=90) girl’s pupils of graduate level classes in colleges of Sindh Province. The major conclusion of the study was to observe generally Classroom administration Performance has positively associated with qualification of female directress sports. It was assumed that the female directress sports that possess better knowledge and were high qualified so they can demonstrate better Classroom administration Performance in their professional field as compared to low qualified and less knowledgeable female directress sports.

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