The Sky - International Journal of Physical Education and Sports Science

Implication of Mental Efforts Designing Exer-Games Curriculum in Modern Times in Pakistan

Prof. Iqbal Ahmed Qureshi (Late), Shahzaman Khan, Prof. Dr. Yasmeen Iqbal


The implication of mental efforts in designing physical education curriculum in modern times provides favorable environment for this academic discipline contribute to motivate the trainee players engaged in physical education activities to make the people physically fit in the national community as students often continue to exercise to increase their ability through moderate work outs concentrating to improve their skills in the societal community. The authors have briefly described the benefits of mental efforts in receiving the advantages adopting physical education curriculum through displaying sports video games in modern-day physical education course while discussing the importance of sports videos in the learning process worked out in physical education courses of academic institutions adopted in many civilized nations world over, considering the importance universally recognized to recommend to impart teaching and training through displaying exergames (telecasting sports games on videos) understanding the techniques of the games on television received enormous value in making outstanding athletes to follow modern procedure to receive the advantages of learning new techniques to recommend advanced training exercises in contributing student-players to appreciate the effects of moderate exercises carried out in achieving significant training to support players in producing to testify in adjusting the players’ fitness preparation to participate in lifelong exercises adopting variety of physical activities to make individuals physically healthy in the societal community as displaying videos on TV provide exercise and gaming techniques emerge as the innovative tool to settle the crisis. only prevalent as part of students’ physical education classes as summarizes the literature on the mentioned subject matter, emphasizing on their potential to improve student-players’ physical health along with various social activities, and academic performance in the academic institutions and hopefully in future years, Pakistan may display and telecast the modern sports techniques on known national television channels.

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