The Sky - International Journal of Physical Education and Sports Science

Concepts of Cosmology Regarding Its Evolution

Dr. Nazia Parveen Gill


Body of beliefs on the basis mythological, religious, and cryptic literature and traditions of conception and eschatology is called Religious or mythological cosmology. Physical cosmology is examined by various astronomers, physicists, and also by philosophers, for instance Meta physicians, theorist of physics, and philosophers of space and time. for this reason of communal scope with philosophy, hypothesis in physical cosmology may comprise of scientific as well as non-scientific proposals, and could rely upon notion that can’t be tested. Cosmology is concerned with the Universe as a whole whereas astronomy is concerned with person celestial objects. Contemporary physical cosmology is subjugated by the Big Bang theory, which tries to get together observational astronomy and particle physics; more particularly bring more authentic parameters of the Big Bang with dark matters and dark energies, called the Lambda-CDM model.

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