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ISSN- 2523-9368

The International Journal of Physical Education and Sports Science entitled “The Sky” will be published annually by the Department of Sports Sciences and Physical Education functioning under the umbrella of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, The University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan.

The major objective to bringing out this journal is to provide the forum to the scholars of the relevant field and to keep them busy in Research of this very important discipline and the scholars of other faculty that relate their subject with the given field. Further, our mission is to contribute to the progress and application of scientific discoveries, by providing access to research information online.


All the correspondence and manuscript should be addressed to the Editors on given email. editor.thesky@gmail.com

Guide Line for contributors

The research paper must be typed, double spaced on A-4 size paper, and limited to 10-15 computerized pages to be sent in duplicate, along-with the text in a CD-disc and through E-mail to editor.thesky@gmail.com. All contributors should follow the recognized style of typing references and bibliography as incorporated in K.I. Turabian’s manual for term papers and research articles. It would be appreciated if footnotes / references are given serial numbers / or alphabetically and be placed at the end of article. Further, it may be noted that only one article of any author or co-author will be considered for publication.


*All statements of fact and opinion expressed in this journal are the sole responsibility of the authors, and do not imply any endorsement on part or whole in any form or shape whatsoever by the editors or publisher.

Articles of all published volumes of The SKY can be viewed electronically on our website URL www.ijpehsas.org, see Research Journal / The SKY